Self-care Coaching

Prioritising your self-care, is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. By accessing one to one coaching and following my self-care programme, not only will you benefit, but also those who share your life.

I don’t believe in “quick fixes”. I believe in long lasting change, and that doesn’t happen overnight. My aim is to help you develop healthy self-care habits that will eventually become as natural as brushing your teeth. I will support you in developing your confidence, strength and motivation in this important area, which will undoubtedly lead to an overall feeling of a healthier sense of wellbeing and an encouraging shift in your quality of life.

What you can expect from my self-care programme

  • Help you challenge some of your beliefs around self-care
  • Identify your current level of self-care and what drains you right now
  • Look at what’s stopping you and break down these barriers
  • Explore what lights you up, what nourishes you and what makes you, you
  • Develop kindness and compassion towards yourself
  • Find pockets of time for yourself to give balance to your day
  • Drop the guilt
  • Clarify priorities and set goals to increase your self-care
  • Reduce stress and burn out


Without self-care and balance life can be pretty miserable and lack joy and substance. Self-care is a necessity and a priority……. not a luxury!

What to expect from me

I have a deeper understanding of the coaching process, from both personal and professional perspectives. I bring my real self to the sessions and have a positive and inspiring attitude with a confident, fun and enthusiastic approach. I have a good level of self-awareness and I am extremely passionate about helping people live authentically.


I believe that you have the answers to every question or challenge you may come across in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. My role is to help you move beyond this. My skills are in knowing the right tools to give and the right questions to ask, that are thought provoking and help you to gain clarity and new perspectives.


Developing good self-care, means practice and taking action. I will help you to actively seek out opportunities, supporting you throughout and holding you accountable in taking steps towards a more balanced life.


I communicate in a way that connects me to the people I work with in a meaningful way, creating a level of understanding, trust and acceptance. I adopt an extremely loyal, stimulating, motivational and challenging approach that will help you travel beyond your barriers and confront issues that stop you from thinking about yourself. With this approach, you can allow yourself to create opportunities that will open up your mind and tap into your unique and exceptional resources.


I provide a supportive foundation, which above all is encouraging, humorous and inspiring and one that allows the coaching relationship to grow. This enables you to feel accepted and gives you the opportunity to express yourself freely.

I offer 3 coaching programmes of either 6, 9, or 12 sessions. Through these effective programmes, we’ll work together 1-2-1 to find what works for you. You will be wholly supported and held accountable to make changes that will transform any aspect of your self-care that you choose.

Make today the day to start investing in you! Contact me to arrange a free coaching consultation and begin to create a sense of balance and freedom for yourself.